BUCS-UPC Eight-ball Pool Championships 2011-2012 – Review

Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth was treated to an extravaganza of pool as University of York emerged victorious in the BUCS-UPC Eight-ball Pool Team Championship with an emphatic performance against Edge Hill University in the final.

The BUCS-UPC Eight-ball Pool Individual Championship, with almost 450 entrants, was fiercely contested culminating with Rhys Williams (Edge Hill) defeating Thomas Gaughan (Exeter) with a pulsating display in the final.

For the full and official Tournament Review Press Release, please click here (PDF).


BUCS-UPC Individual Championship – Qualifying Rounds (Excel)

BUCS-UPC Individual Championship – Qualifying Rounds (PDF)

BUCS-UPC Individual Championship (Excel)

BUCS-UPC Individual Championship (PDF)

BUCS-UPC Team Shield (Excel)

BUCS-UPC Team Shield (PDF)

BUCS-UPC Team Championship & Trophy (Excel)

BUCS-UPC Team Championship & Trophy (PDF)

Speed Pool Team Relay (Excel)

Speed Pool Team Relay (PDF)

Watch the featured games!

Cuesport TV

Cuesport TV attended the event to film a number of matches, and kindly allowed UPC officials and student players to commentate on these featured games. You can watch and listen to these matches by clicking on the below links:

Individual Championship

Round 2 – James Horne (Durham) v Simon Alderton (Southampton)

Round 2 – Nathan Laverack (Derby) v Paul Kershaw (Plymouth)

Round 2 – Will Jerram (Edge Hill) v Andrew Maguire (QUB)

Round 3 – Thomas Laycock (Nottingham) v Laurence Shaw (Nottingham)

Round 4 – John McAllister (Plymouth) v Richard Stephenson (Glamorgan)

Last-16 – Will Jerram (Edge Hill) v Raymond Todd (Ulster)

Quarter-final – Rhys Williams (Edge Hill) v Ifan Williams (Cardiff)

Semi-final – Rhys Williams (Edge Hill) v Matt Bradley (Warwick)

Final – Rhys Williams (Edge Hill) v Thomas Gaughan (Exeter)

Team Championship/Trophy/Shield

Shield Group Stage – Keele 1st v UEA 2nd

Shield Group Stage – Reading 3rd v Edgehill 3rd

Shield Group Stage – Nottingham Trent 1st v UEA 1st

Championship/Trophy Group Stage – Strathclyde 1st v York 3rd

Championship/Trophy Group Stage – Southampton 1st v Lancaster 1st

Championship/Trophy Group Stage – Leeds 1st v Lancaster 1st

Championship/Trophy Group Stage – Edgehill 1st v York 1st

Championship/Trophy Group Stage – Nottingham 1st v Kent 2nd

Team Trophy Final – St Andrews 1st v Leeds 1st

Team Championship Last-16 – Cardiff 1st v Manchester 1st

Team Championship Quarter-final – Warwick 1st v Abertay 1st 

Team Championship Final – York 1st v Edgehill 1st

You can view matches and listen to the commentary from previous years' events by reviewing our videolink archive, brought to you courtesy of Cuesport TV, by selecting "Watch Student Pool" on our main menu on the left, or by clicking here. Here you will find a wide variety of matches from our team and individual events from both current and previous seasons.

User-generated Content

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Speed Pool Team Relay

Courtesy of students attending the event, the following videolinks contain footage hosted by external sites of our now traditional Speed Pool Team Relay, which is a fun and hugely enjoyable competition staged one evening at each Great Yarmouth event.

UPC Speed Pool Championships Heats – Sheffield 1st*

* = User-generated content, courtesy of the University Pool Clubs at Warwick, and Kent.


Images From The Weekend

Official Photographs

Team Championship Winners: York 1st

Russ Shaw, Luke Fleet, Michael Walsh, George Hogg, Sam Wass.


Team Championship Runners-up: Edge Hill 1st

Rhys Williams, Danny Garratt, Will Jerram, Andy Barlow, Nathan Jackson.


Team Championship Joint Bronze: Cardiff 1st 

Tim Beeton, Jon Tyrrell, Daniel Watkins, Alex Thomson, Rupert Taylor, Ifan Williams.


Team Championship Joint Bronze: Warwick 1st

James Brill, Matt Bradley, Daniel Turner, Stephen Brooks, Chris Staines.


Team Trophy Winners: Leeds 1st

Warren Yabsley, Paddy Curran, Lewis Jordan, Sam Burridge, Joseph Smith.


Team Trophy Runners-up: St Andrews 1st

Calum McRae, Derek Dishington, Dan Pycock, Sam Hoar, Niall Webster.


Team Trophy Joint Bronze: Portsmouth 1st

Oli Poole, Adam Degan, James Pettitt, Lewis Burks, Ayden Munns.


Team Trophy Joint Bronze: Oxford 1st

Ben Charlston, Dan Hayes, Gwilym Enstone, Lee Collins, Richard Walters.


Team Shield Winners: Plymouth 1st

Simon McGirr, Jonathan Massey, John McAllister, Sam Ibbotson, Josh Pooley, Paul Kershaw.


Team Shield Runners-up: Ulster 1st

Raymond Todd, Bryan Gaynor, Ryan Birt, Steven Magowan, James O’Hare, Conor McDonnell.


Team Shield Joint Bronze: Manchester Met 1st

Pat Wisedale, Matt Guest, Rob Christie, Matt Brow, Mike Irvine.


Team Shield Joint Bronze: UEA 1st

Stephen Reeve, Conor Flanagan, Sunil Waghela, David Fowler, Lewis Wheeler.


Individual Championship Winner

Rhys Williams (Edge Hill)


Individual Championship Runner-up

Thomas Gaughan (Exeter)


Individual Championship Joint Bronze

Matthew Bradley (Warwick)


Individual Championship Joint Bronze

Will Jerram (Edge Hill)


Individual Championship Finalists

Will Jerram, Rhys Williams, Thomas Gaughan, Matthew Bradley

Miscellaneous Images


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