Review: BUCS-UPC Eight-ball Pool Championships 2016-17

The weekend of 23rd – 26th February saw 677 students from 48 institutions descend upon Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth to compete for the Men’s and Women’s titles. This year saw Leeds take the Men’s Team Championship with a 6-1 win in the final over a strong Manchester team that was much fancied among the competitors. In the Women’s Championship, Kent took home the title after a 4-0 victory over York, who made the final for the second year in a row.

Elsewhere, Bath 1st took the Men’s Team Trophy, Newcastle 1st took the Men’s Team Shield and UEA 2nd took the UPC Men’s Team Vase. The Women’s Team Trophy was won by Lancaster 1st.

The BUCS-UPC Eight-ball Pool Men’s Individual Championship had 565 entrants from 48 institutions – a daunting road lay ahead for those fancying their chances of the title. This year saw UEA produce their first Individual Championship winner, as Nikolas Charalambous produced a fine display to earn a 6-2 victory over former UPC Nine-ball Pool Champion Edward Poultney of Exeter in the final.

It was another record breaking year for the BUCS-UPC Eight-ball Pool Women’s Individual Championship, with 112 entrants from 28 institutions competing for the title. This year saw number one seed Sophia Rowlinson of Kent take home the title as she held her nerve in a final frame decider against Philippa Orme of St Andrews in an enthralling final.

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BUCS-UPC Men’s Individual Championship – Qualifying Rounds (PDF)

BUCS-UPC Men’s Individual Championship (PDF)

BUCS-UPC Men’s Team Shield & UPC Men’s Team Vase (PDF)

BUCS-UPC Men’s Team Champonship/Trophy (PDF)


BUCS-UPC Women’s Individual Championship – Qualifying Rounds (PDF)

BUCS-UPC Women’s Individual Championship (PDF)

BUCS-UPC Women’s Team Championship/Trophy (PDF)

Images From The Weekend

Official Photographs – Men’s Team Championship

M8 TC 1617 - Winners - Leeds 1stMen’s Team Championship Winners – Leeds 1st. Left to right: Jame Parish, Sam Parkinson, Michael McDermott, Paul Allen, Dominic Bond.

M8 TC 1617 - Silver - Manchester 1stMen’s Team Championship Runners-up – Manchester 1st. Left to right: Richard Woan, Lee Farren, Cameron Austwick, Connor Templeman, Siddharth Castelino.

M8 TC 1617 - Bronze - Plymouth 1stMen’s Team Championship Joint Bronze – Plymouth 1st. Left to right: Andrew Glover, Chris Smith, Thomas James, Alfie Callery, Daniel Hall.

M8 TC 1617 - Bronze - Lancaster 1stMen’s Team Championship Joint Bronze – Lancaster 1st. Left to right: Christopher Abayomi, Matthew Robinson, Andy Smith, Jamie Lloyd, David Allewell.

Official Photographs – Men’s Team Trophy

M8 TT 1617 - Winners - Bath 1stMen’s Team Trophy Winners – Bath 1st. Left to right: Daniel Knox, Tristan Horton, Rowan Gould, Robin Feus, Thomas Burns.

M8 TT 1617 - Silver - St Andrews 1stMen’s Team Trophy Runners-up – St Andrews 1st. Left to right: Elliot Dent, Adam Fleming, Jack Hilton, Stewart Pinkerton, Freddie Lawrence, Andrew Foxall.

M8 TT 1617 - Bronze - Keele 1stMen’s Team Trophy Joint Bronze – Keele 1st. Left to right: Alex Hill, George Bennett, Matt Longstaff, Jack Eaton, Jack Edwards, Andy Large.

M8 TT 1617 - Bronze - Herts 1stMen’s Team Trophy Joint Bronze – Hertfordshire 1st. Left to right: Will Tuffin, Lip Han Tan, Adam Bhanji, Liam Memmott, Jack Goodwin.

Official Photographs – Women’s Team Championship

W8 TC 1617 - Winners - Kent 1stWomen’s Team Championship Winners – Kent 1st. Left to right: Sophia Rowlinson, Ellen Dowie, Hazel Wood.

W8 TC 1617 - Silver - York 1stWomen’s Team Championship Runners-up – York 1st. Left to right: Alex Benjamin, Aimee Clarke, Rebecca Fang.

W8 TC - Bronze - Stirling 1stWomen’s Team Championship Joint Bronze – Stirling 1st. Left to right: Kerry Cruickshanks, Anna Cullens, Laura Kelly.

W8 TC 1617 - Bronze - Durham 1stWomen’s Team Championship Joint Bronze – Durham 1st. Left to right: Stella Felsinger, Louise O’Regan, Jasmine Cross.

Official Photographs – Women’s Team Trophy

W8 TT 1617 - Winners - Lancaster 1stWomen’s Team Trophy Winners – Lancaster 1st. Left to right: Alice Callaghan, Aro Nugawela, Marianne Waud.

W8 TT 1617 - Silver - UCL 1stWomen’s Team Trophy Runners-up – UCL 1st. Left to right: Annie Zhao, Justine Xie, Aishah Omar.

W8 TT 1617 - Bronze - Surrey 1stWomen’s Team Trophy Bronze – Surrey 1st. Left to right: Rebecca Toomey, Victoria Ferguson, Lucy Nock.

Official Photographs – Men’s Team Shield

M8 TS 1617 - Winners - Newcastle 1stMen’s Team Shield Winners – Newcastle 1st. Left to right: Huang Ziwei, Matt Green, Ryan Halliburton, Dan Stenson, Sam Egan.

M8 TS 1617 - Silver - Liverpool 1stMen’s Team Shield Runners-up – Liverpool 1st. Left to right: Daniel Mycek, Ryan Wissett, Daniel Jones, Joseph Lynam, Jared Holmes.

M8 TS 1617 - Bronze - Essex 1stMen’s Team Shield Joint Bronze – Essex 1st. Left to right: James Field, Matthew Evans, Rishi Luchmun, Ben Fenick, Liam Watson, Jordan O’Sullivan.

M8 TS 1617 - Bronze - De Montfort 1stMen’s Team Shield Joint Bronze – De Montfort 1st. Left to right: David Lomax, Sharles Stokes, Louis Hatton, Thomas Aspinall, Chris Potter, Billy Bothwell.

Official Photographs – Men’s Team Vase

M8 TV 1617 - Winners - UEA 2ndMen’s Team Vase Winners – UEA 2nd. Left to right: Macauley Alsford, Jordan Cornes, Ted Linsley, Sam Williams, James Wilson, Liam Anders.

M8 TV 1617 - Silver - Plymouth 2nd

Men’s Team Vase Runners-up – Plymouth 2nd. Left to right: Jamie Harvey, Conner Bosley, Matt House, Louis Jenkinson, Benjamin West.

Official Photographs – Men’s Individual Championship

M8 IC 1617 - Winner - Nik CharalambousMen’s Individual Championship Winner: Nikolas Charalambous (UEA).

M8 IC 1617 - Silver - Ed PoultneyMen’s Individual Championship Runner-up: Edward Poultney (Exeter).

M8 IC 1617 - Joint Bronze - Mike VernonMen’s Individual Championship Joint Bronze: Mike Vernon (Nottingham Trent).

M8 IC 1617 - Joint Bronze - Richard WoanMen’s Individual Championship Joint Bronze: Richard Woan (Manchester).

Official Photographs – Women’s Individual Championship

W8 IC - Winner - Sophia RowlinsonWomens Individual Championship Winner – Sophia Rowlinson (Kent).

W8 IC - Silver - Philippa OrmeWomen’s Individual Championship Runner-up: Philippa Orme (St Andrews)

W8 IC - Joint Bronze - Marie ArnesenWomen’s Individual Championship Joint Bronze: Marie Arnesen (Chester).

W8 IC - Joint Bronze - Aro NugawelaWomen’s Individual Championship Joint Bronze: Aro Nugawela (Lancaster).


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