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Welcome to the UPC Club Handbook!

Running a Pool Society or Pool Club is a huge test of your leadership skills. As well as being hugely enjoyable for you, personally, you are also responsible for your members. Moreover, although it is a very fulfilling and rewarding experience, it can also be a very hard one as well.

This guide aims to support you and provide some advice on how best to maximise the potential of your club's potential. It aims to help you establish a firm base for your club to continue to grow and develop long after you graduate.

The UPC promotes the sport of pool at Higher Education institutions in the UK and exists for the benefit of players at this level. Our aim is to provide each and every student in Britain with the opportunity to represent their university at pool across a range of disciplines. As part of this endeavour, the UPC has a key strategic imperative to maximise student inclusion and participation, and central to this work is guidance and advice to students at the local level to help them set up and make the most of their pool societies/clubs.

This section has been designed to meet this objective and is anticipated to evolve over time. Therefore, your feedback is greatly appreciated. A PDF version of this "Club Handbook" is also available for download by clicking here.

Six Stages to Success

There are six key stages to setting up and developing your pool club. These are:

1. Establish a club structure, to create a firm base and spread the burden.

2. Affiliate to organisations internally and externally, to build continuity and fundraising opportunities.

3. Market yourself and communicate, to develop the club profile.

4. Recruit members, to build club numbers and club diversity.

5. Establish competitions, to improve skills and make the club fun to be in.

6. Build spirit and enjoy it! Keep your motivation up to make the club more than the sum of its parts.

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