Virtual Pool 4 Released! Featuring the UPC!

August 2012 saw the official launch of the new Virtual Pool 4 game, brought to you by the excellent team at Celeris. VP4 is, in short, the leading brand in pool simulation and we are delighted to highlight the game’s release, not least because it features the UPC! 

See if you can spot us in this trailer:

Those attending the UPC Nine-ball Pool Championships last year will have seen some early promotion for the game, as our friends at Celeris donated some exclusive VP4 T-shirts for us to hand out to the more successful players on the weekend…

The game also features the UPC Head of Coaching, Steve Daking, as a virtual coach. Steve has been appointed Head of Coaching of the World Eight-ball Pool Federation, and English Pool Association, as well as for the UPC, tasked with putting in place a network of qualified coaches (for more information, please click here). Virtual Pool 4 is supporting Steve in that endeavour, and offered him an exclusive preview of the game. See him talk you through that preview by clicking here.

Official press release announcing the launch of Virtual Pool 4

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (August 15th, 2012) – Celeris, Inc., Chatsworth, California, the Virtual Pool video game creator released the long awaited Virtual Pool 4 on the Windows PC platform.

VIRTUAL POOL 4 is the highly anticipated new installment of the critically acclaimed VIRTUAL POOL FRANCHISE, that has been known as the highest quality pool game and has sold more than 3 million units across 14 PC/Console/Mobile SKUs since 1995. Virtual Pool 4 is a major release with top to bottom enhancements from Virtual Pool 3 and has highly upgraded graphics, physics and gameplay. It includes games for Pool, Snooker, Pub Pool, and Billiards, Pro Tour play against top amateurs and pros, and interactive video lessons.

Virtual Pool 4 is so realistic it will make your real life pool game better. Steve Chaplin, CEO of Celeris said, "I'm very exited about the new release! This new version of Virtual Pool, Virtual Pool 4, is pretty much a complete redo. We've added a Pro Tour career mode than allows you to play in tournaments, for a season on tour, against pros and top amateurs. The simulation is so good that it really is like playing real pool. Everything you learn in Virtual Pool is applicable to a real pool table."

Retail price is US$29.99 in North America and set conversion rates will be applied to other regions.

An interview with Steve Chaplin about the upcoming release can be viewed by clicking here.

An article about Steve Chaplin and Virtual Pool can be viewed by clicking here.

For inquires about Virtual Pool 4 email For more information about the Virtual Pool franchise and Celeris, Inc., please visit

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